Cover Art For PS4 Spider-Man Game Revealed

Cover Art For PS4 Spider-Man Game Revealed

As the developers are working in preparation for this year’s E3, Insomniac Games have revealed the cover art for their upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man video game for the PlayStation 4 console.

As part of the attempt to build up the hype for the game, Marvel has been giving sneak peeks of its development. Alexander Lozano, who has been working the concept art for the game, released the cover art for the game on his Twitter account.

Along with the release of the game’s cover, Marvel has released new information about one of the games main villains, The Shocker. For those of you who don’t know, Shocker is one of Spider-Man’s oldest enemies who started out as a regular criminal who obtained a special suit that allows him to fire highly compressed air from his gauntlets. He made a brief appearance in last year’s Spider-man: Homecoming.

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