Fortnite Getting Jetpack

Fortnite Getting Jetpack

As of today, players will get to soar into the sky with the recent addition of jet-packs into Fortnite. After being teased back in March, the addition was delayed due to some last minutes design issues. Player will gain access to the jet-packs after downloading the 4.2 content update.

In other news, Epic games have announced that their upcoming e-sports event for Fortnite will offer a grand prize of $100 million. This announcement was made on their official website here. This will be the largest sum of prize money ever given at an E-sports event. No official date was given for the tournament, but it will be held before the end of the year. Those who are being drawn in by the grand prize better start practicing.

We also know that Fortnite will soon be playable on Android devices after iOS has had such success. You can check out details here!

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Source – GameInformer

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