Comcast to Outbid Disney on Fox Deal

ComCast's Fox

You heard right, Comcast will be opening Disney for the rights to most of the property of the company known as 21st Century Fox.

For a while now, there has been a rumor that got mixed reactions from fans of the content made by 21st Century Fox.

Disney is believed to be in the buying process for the rights to 21st Century Fox. According to recent news, Comcast is likely going to buy most of the assets of 21th Century Fox, not giving Disney many options.

If Comcast buys out 21st Century Fox, this could potentially be a big disappoint to Marvel fans, who want to see some of their favorite characters from the Marvel Universe including Fantastic Four and X-Men back in their rightful place at Marvel Studios.

Is there still hope for Mickey Mouse to save the day? It’s possible that Disney could still own the rights to Fox, but if Fox decides to part with Disney they will have to pay a so-called “breakup fee” of over 1 billion dollars. Comcast has reportedly offered to buy the 21st Century Fox company for somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 billion dollars.

Who will eventually own the rights to Fox is a question that is still up in the air.

Source – Comic Book

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