New DLC For Stellaris

New DLC For Stellaris

Those wishing to explore the deepest ends of space in Stellaris will get the chance to in the upcoming Distant Star Story DLC. For those of you who don’t know, Stellaris is a real time strategy game developed by Paradox Interactive back in 2016. Players are put in charge of a space fleet and must travel the universe to either negotiate peace treaties with other alien species or conquer them all with the latest weaponry available.

As for the DLC itself, it can be accessed by located a new object known as an “L-Gate” and repairing it to working order. Once that is done, players will be able to explore the new L-Clusters where the majority of the DLC’s content is located. As a nice little bonus, the “L-Gates” can function as a form of fast travel to different point in the world.  Include in this DLC is about 20 brand new solar systems for players to explore and discover. The Distant Stars Story Pack is available on Steam for $9.99.

Also available is the new 2.1 update, which provides the following:

-Galaxy generation has been reworked for more interesting hyperlane terrain: stars are now grouped in highly connected ‘constellations’ separated by thin ‘highways’, making for more strategic placement of natural choke-points

-All hyperlanes are no longer immediately visible when starting a new game, but will be revealed through exploration. Hyperlane visibility extends roughly twice as far as your sensor range

-Added binary star systems

-Added trinary star systems

-Anomalies can no longer fail, but instead the time to research an anomaly will depend on the difference between scientist level and anomaly level, with high level anomalies potentially taking a very long time to research for a low skill scientist

-Added Experimental Subspace Nagivation which allows science ships to go missing-in-action and travel to a selected system. This will allow them to bypass (but not enter) closed borders

-AI will retreat its Colossus if it is alone in combat, as even a planet destroying giant laser is cold comfort in the lonely depths of space

-Fixed an issue where the AI would incorrectly allocate too much budget to navies when it could not support any more ships, resulting in underdeveloped empires

-Fixed issue where tutorial missions could sometimes trigger for Gestalt Consciousness empires, who really should know all this instinctively already

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