Overwatch Coming To LEGO

Overwatch Coming To LEGO

As part of a new crossover promotion between Activision Blizzard and various toy companies such as LEGO and NERF, a series of LEGO sets are in the works based around the hit shooter Overwatch. As of right now there are no official photos of these sets available, but the two companies have announced that make this partnership official at the 2018 Licensing Expo in Las Vegas. More information will likely be available by the end of the year.

Along with these new LEGO sets, Blizzard also plan to release a variety of character statues and apparel based around the major franchises such as Starcraft, Overwatch and Diablo. These products are set for release sometime late this summer.

In other news, Romanian WOW player named Calin Mateias was charged with hacking into Blizzard’s servers and sentence to one year in federal prison. After gaining accessed to the network, Mateias overloaded the game servers with a constant stream of DDoS attacks, making the game unplayable for thousands of gamer. After being arrested and expedited to the USA and will be required serve his time along with paying 30,000 for the damage he caused.

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Source- IGN

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