Talks Of New Game Plus For God Of War

Talks Of New Game Plus For God Of War

Although the game was well received by both critics and fans, one of the most common complaints about this year’s God Of War was that the game lacked a new game plus option to allow player to re-experience the game with all their upgrades, in fact, some of them preferred to play with the games from click to visit instead.

However, game director Cory Barlog has explained that the game was meant to have that feature but had to be cut due to time restrictions. In a recent interview, he stated the following:

“New Game Plus is something I wanted so badly, right?” Barlog said. “And it is this Sophie’s choice you have to consciously make as you enter the last eight months of working on a game. You have a huge list of features, and so many of these things kind of get pushed down the list. And, the impact, the involvement of New Game Plus, kept pushing it further down the list, because keeping it would cause a lot of other stuff, and a lot of other stuff meant stability, and polish, would be delayed.”

Barlog has also expressed his team’s desire to implement New Game Plus into the game via update. The addition will take some time as the developers need the support of the entire studio who are constantly polishing the game up for the time being. We will have to wait and see if they will get the chance to add a New Game Plus.

In other news, God Of War has been leading game sales for the month of April, being the top selling game and putting Sony on top of the charts this month.

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