Battlefield V Will Forego Microtransactions

Battlefield V Will Forego Microtransactions

Soon after revealing the next entry in the series, EA DICE has announced that the upcoming Battlefield V will not be including micro-transactions such as a Premium Pass or loot crates. Although the game may have cosmetic items that player can purchase, anything that would effect game-play will be obtain solely through play.

As for features such maps and expansion packs, EA DICE will be releasing a series of free chapters called Tides Of War, which will explore different battles and locations that occurred during World War 2. Players will take control of a anonymous soldier that they will be to customize with various gear and outfits, all of which will be earned from game-play.

Battlefield V is set for release on October 19th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Those who wished to get an early start can pick the Deluxe Edition of the game, which will let people join in 3 days early. Lastly, those wanting to jump in even sooner can get in 8 days early by subscribing to EA’s Origin Access to start on October 11th.

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