Humble Web Design and Development Book Bundle!

Humble Web Design and Development Book Bundle!

Humble Bundle just launched a new book set featuring web design and development books thanks to O’Reilly Media! Brush up on your CSS, JavaScript, and Mobile App Dev work here!

Pay $1 or More!

  • Programming Voice Interfaces
  • Mobile App Development with Ionic (Revised Edition)
  • JSON at Work
  • Refactoring JavScript
  • CSS Refactoring

Pay $8 or More!

  • Interactive Data Visualization for the Web (Second Edition)
  • Learning React Native (Second Edition)
  • Learning HTTP/2
  • SVG Animations
  • Working with Static Sites

Pay $15 or More!

  • React Native Cookbook
  • CSS: The Definitive Guide (Fourth Edition)
  • Using SVG with CSS3 and HTML5
  • Learning React
  • High Performance Images

The charity that is benefited from this bundle is Code for America!

“Code for America is a national nonprofit that believes government can work for the people, by the people, in the 21st century. We organize a network of people who build technology to further local governments’ priorities of creating healthy, prosperous, and safe communities. Our goal: government services that are simple, effective, and easy to use, for everyone.”

You can get your copy of the Humble Book Bundle: Web Design & Development by O’Reilly here ( where these great books are yours, you can help charity, and give us the opportunity to bring you news daily!

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