Netflix Working on Hunchback of Notre Dame with Idris Elba

Bloody Disgusting reports a modern Hunchback of Notre Dame is coming to Netflix!

There have been a few adaptations of a Hunchback of Notre Dame, and most 90s kids will remember the Disney adaptation with its dark and foreboding religious undertones.

Victor Hugo’s classic novel from the 1800s will be adapted once more. The Hunchback of Notre Dame adaptation coming to Netflix does not have an official title as of now, but Idris Elba bringing this adaptation to life. Elba will be producing this film, and he will have help from producers from notable series, like La La Land, and Midnight Special.

Idris Elba will also be producing the music for the latest adaptation of Victor Hugo’s classic novel. Helping Elba will be producer and director Ana Garantino, and Mike Mitnick will be working on the script.

Idris Elba has worked with Ana Garantino on Elba’s The Green Door Shingle. For curious fans of the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Green Door Shingle is a show that Idris Elba worked on in the United Kingdom.

We’ll keep you posted on any new Netflix and Hunchback of Notre Dame news!

Source – Bloody Disgusting

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