Sea of Thieves Receiving Its First Big Update Next Week; Hungering Deep Trailer

Sea of Thieves, the pirate-themed MMO made by Rare, will be receiving its first of its three free DLC packs next week on the 29th. This expansion, titled The Hungering Deep, will add a variety of new features including more player vs. enemy mechanics.

Yar-har, fiddle-de-de.

The game’s Executive Producer, Joe Neate, spoke a bit about the game in a developer update a couple of says ago:

Along with the information from the standalone Hungering Deep website, it would appear the following things will be a part of the update:

  • Exclusive cosmetic items: During The Hungering Deep, players will be able to earn special cosmetic items only available to earn during that time. This also includes the ability to customize your tattoos and scars.
  • New items: Players will be able to add a drum to their musical repertoire. Players can also use a speaking trumpet, which will help them speak to others across long distances.
  • Displayable flags: Players can put up actual flags on their ship instead of a plain white triangle. Notable choices include a skull and bones or an olive branch. Both of these likely are ways for different crews to communicate between each other.
  • A new campaign and persistent content: Probably one of the more interesting things in this update. The Hungering Deep will have a story campaign featuring the first concrete character in the game. Players will piece together the tale of “Merry” Merrick the bard and his brush with hungering horror. Even when this campaign is no longer available, the AI enemies and the outposts full of characters will still be around. This is also how the future expansions will go. They’ll briefly offer a story quest and exclusive content, and then the world will stay forever changed by the new content.
  • Weekly events: The development team for Sea of Thieves split into three teams, with each one working on an expansion pack. With the release of The Hungering Deep, that team will move on to working on weekly events.

The Hungering Deep will launch May 29th.

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