Seasons Expansion Coming To The Sims 4

Seasons Expansion Coming To The Sims 4

EA has announced that the next expansion for The Sims 4 will add a seasonal weather system to the game. Titled the Seasons Expansion, this new add-on will be bring a variety feature based around the rotation of spring,summer,fall and winter.

Players will get the chances to watch as their sims react to the changing seasons as the grow flowers and build snowmen. This new expansion will also add a series of holidays to the world such as Love Day, Harvest Fest and Winter Fest, as well as create their own unique holidays and traditions. Last but not least, a new career options such as gardening and botany will give Sims a new way to interact with the world.

This isn’t the first time Maxis and EA has brought Seasons to The Sims, as The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 both featured this expansion pack.

The new expansion is schedule for to release on June 22nd for both PCs and Macs.

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Source – Kotaku

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