FUTESJ Joyful Tablet Holder Review

FUTESJ Joyful Tablet Holder Review

FUTESJ has developed a gooseneck tablet holder that can suspend a variety of devices. Using this not only provides the ability of the user to have free hands, but it can connect to any surface with a plastic clamp.

The FUTESJ tablet holder comes in three pieces: the stand/gooseneck, the holder, and a plastic nut to enforce that the previous two stay together. All come in a brown long box with an image of the product alongside the company and name.

In my own experience with FUTESJ tablet holder, it can hold the Nintendo Switch (joy cons removed), a Kindle Fire 8, and a NVIDIA Shield tablet. What isn’t shown is that my Nokia 6 phone is also supported. What is really clever is how the product attaches to the desk. It’s a clamp, but it doesn’t damage the wood, but has a padding for movement resistance.

Personally I like this device. It makes it so when I’m working on my PC or laying in bed that I can have hands free access to my tablets or Switch. This makes it easier to use the joy cons removed, or watch Netflix while being able to also use my phone. It also makes it easier to lay down and not have to arch my neck to view the device over a blanket. The product also has holes on the sides for cables to be charged, but not every device fits this.

I would suggest this product to anyone who is looking to free up their hands while using a tablet, or a basic one for the Nintendo Switch. FUTESJ’s tablet holder was very easy to assemble, the clips that hold the tablet have nice grips, and the colors available in black and white are appeasing to the eye. You can get yours here directly through Amazon!

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