UNOMOR Ring Wedding Shot Glass Review

UNOMOR Ring Wedding Shot Glass Review

UNOMOR has got a new product for all the up and coming married women out there! These wedding ring shot glasses are perfect for bridal showers and wedding parties, with the best decoration as wedding linen direct which are great for this.

These UNOMOR rings come in a 12-pack featuring a one-size-fits-all ring with a top that’s a diamond that can open and close, meant for drinks to be put in. Obviously these drinks wouldn’t be big, but more shot-sized.

One big thing I really like about them is that they aren’t see-through diamonds, and they are able to be taken apart from the ring base for cleaning. Now, they are made of plastic that is food grade, and non-toxic; perfect for enjoying. I would like to note that the one-size-fits-all is good, but you might have to adjust them! I can fit my on my middle finger only, so it certainly wouldn’t fit on the ring finger without adjustments.

As someone who is getting married this year, this is an adorable add-on for any bridal party or shower, and just because they are ‘shot glass rings’ doesn’t mean you have to put shots in them! Fill it up with bubbly or soda and enjoy.

You can get your set here for $14.99 with Amazon Prime from Martiner!

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