Amazon Saves The Expanse

Amazon Saves The Expanse

Amazon renews The Expanse after SyFy cancels the show despite high ratings and reviews from those who watch the show and read the novels.

SyFy initially cancelled The Expanse after three seasons of being on their network. Alcon Television Group who owns the series, leads many to believe that the cancellation was due to rights.

As of right now, Amazon will be picking up The Expanse for a fourth season, leading many fans to be delighted over the news.

Jeff Bezos seemed very excited about picking up The Expanse, according The Verge. The co-founders/CO-CEO’s of Alcon Television Group (Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson) have issued a statement thanking Jeff Bezos for picking up their show.

A fan outcry led to a petition for either Netflix or Amazon to pick up the show, and this petition garnered 132,000 signatures. Eventually the money was raised, through a GoFundMe Campaign, and it is going to be used to fly a giant banner around Amazon headquarters in Santa Monica.

Clearly there is a fan base for The Expanse, despite SyFy’s decision to cancel the show. You can read more about the cancellation here.

Even James S.A. Corey, author of The Expanse novels gave a big thanks to Jeff Bezos.

We’ll keep you posted on new information regarding The Expanse.

Source – The Verge

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