Andrew Lincoln Leaving The Walking Dead

It’s official, Rick Grimes will be leaving The Walking Dead!

The Walking Dead actor is said to leave show in season 9. AMC has yet to announce the departure of Andrew Lincoln, although many of the actors on the show are in the final years stated in their contract. The fate of many of the favorite Walking Dead cast members could soon be up in the air.

According to ComicBook Andrew Lincoln had many great things to say about The Walking Dead, including glorious and unique.

“There’s only me left in the top 10 [of the call sheet,]. Norman [Reedus] and Melissa [McBride] and Danai [Gurira] and [Lauren Cohan], they’re all in the twenties…This job is, as I said before, glorious and unique. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The stinger is the fact that I seem to be the guy left on the pier waving people away. That’s powerful.”

Rick Grimes himself, is surely a favorite of fans who enjoy The Walking Dead and one of the series most popular characters.

As of right now, AMC is not planning to end The Walking Dead series.

Andrew Lincoln wants to move on with his life and return to England where he Hopes to dedicate his time to his family.

Some of the characters who joined The Walking Dead in its third and fourth season are central to the plot of the show.

In addition, Angela Kang will play a more tubular roll in The Walking Dead season 9. The roll of Angela Kang becomes more important as Andrew Lincoln is preparing to end his character.

The Walking Dead is currently airing on AMC, Sunday nights at 9 PM EST.

Source – ComicBook

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