Nintendo Reveals Hylian 2DS XL Exclusive to GameStop

Nintendo Reveals Hylian 2DS XL Exclusive to GameStop

Nintendo has just revealed a new Nintendo 2DS XL that will be hitting shelves exclusively at GameStop, and it’s Hylian themed.

This Hylian themed Nintendo 2DS XL will be sold exclusively at GameStop for $159.99, and features an old-school Hylian colored top. With the blue, silver, and red, this 2DS XL will bring you back to the Hylian shield from Ocarina of Time.

A bonus is that the device will already have a digital copy of A Link Between Worlds installed. This already looks way better than the 3DS XL that was made for the release of A Link Between Worlds, featuring a gold color.


While there is no release date available for this product, we can bet that this new Hylian themed 2DS XL will unveil before the holiday season!

We’ll keep you posted on any new Nintendo news!

Source – GameInformer

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