Vellepro Portable Water Flosser Review

Vellepro Portable Water Flosser Review

Vellepro has developed a cordless portable water flosser, that not only takes up less space on the counter, but provides the same abilities of a larger water flosser! With 3 different modes and 4 different tips, this Vellepro cordless water pick is perfect.

After reading through the instructions of the Vellepro cordless water pick, I decided to fully charge it (which didn’t take any time at all) per the instructions, and then got in on checking all the pieces that came with the product. This device has a USB powered charger for the cordless aspect, with a non-replaceable lithium battery. In addition, the device has 3 different functions: normal, soft, pulse; and provides 4 tips with different colors for different people. They all fit nicely in the case provided and the Vellepro bag.

How the device works is it has a bottom reservoir for the pump to get the water, and this is completely removable for cleaning and adding water.

Personally I love this product. I tried all three settings and why I preferred soft, the normal and pulse removed gunk in my teeth while massaging my gums. I would say this beats using flossers that can cause your gums to bleed, or the metal pickers. It’s a much less intrusive product but gives the same affect.

Though it is great, I would have liked to see a covering case for the tip on top when it’s not being used. It would keep it cleaner, and you’d know nothing is touching it. Also, be careful when using it, as it ca spray everywhere and get messy. Takes a bit of practice but I did enjoy using it!

You can get your Vellepro Cordless Water Pick here on Amazon!

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