Watch: World War Z Cinematic Trailer

IGN had teased the release of World War Z in December 2017, and now we have our first look into the game thanks to Saber Interactive

On May 24th, Saber Interactive and Paramount Pictures released the official Cinematic trailer for World War Z. From researching, the locations of the game will include New York, Moscow, and Jerusalem, possibly more. The game play shown in the trailer gives us an idea of how the player will be taking on hordes of zombies. A number of weapons, traps, and barriers will be available for players along with a variety of environments to take on hordes of zombies.

The imagery shown is of high quality and in a few scenes it stayed very close to certain scenes from the film. So far the Facebook page for the game already has 30,378 Likes and 31,021 people following. With frequent updates and anticipation in new videos and information, the following of the game is sure to grow more. No release date has been revealed. The upcoming game will be available to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.
Source – IGN
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