Teaming Up for Battlebond – Magic: The Gathering

Teaming Up for Battlebond – Magic: The Gathering

Prepare for a brand new set of Magic: The Gathering cards on June, 8 2018. The new set, Battlebond, is filled with brand new cards, cards from previous sets, and brand new game mechanics.  This will provide a variety of fun and exciting interactions among friends and on the battlefield.

Battlebond was designed with the Two-Headed Giant format in mind. Teams of two play against each other, each player having their own decks but working together to defeat the opposing team. Battlebond will make creating decks and working with your partner easy.

New game mechanics, “Assist”, “Partner With…”, and “Friend or Foe” are making a debut in Battlebond.


“Assist” is a mechanic that as you cast a spell any other player, including your opponents, can choose to help by paying for a portion of the mana cost. If your partner or opponents chose not to help you pay for the spell, you ca pay it yourself or put the spell back into your hand.

Partner With…

“Partner With…” means two different things. During a traditional 60 card match, when one of the cards enters the battlefield it triggers the ability to search through the library for the other and put it into your hand. If you’re playing the Commander format then both cards can be used as the commanders for your deck. This is similar to the “Partner” mechanic that made its debut in Commander (2016 Edition). 

Friend or Foe

“Friend or Foe” allows you to choose whether each player is a friend or foe. That includes labeling yourself. Once you have labeled the other players, the spell resolves and each player that was a friend completing the action for “friend” and those that were foes completing the action for “foe”.

Battlebond promises new cards such as Archfiend of Despair and Azra Bladeseeker. It also promises reprints of other cards from previous sets. Doubling Season and Totally Lost being just two of many that will be seen again in this new set. Combined with new mechanics, this set appears well rounded for play and should provide hours of enjoyment and play with friends and enemies alike.

Source – Wizards of the Coast: Magic: The Gathering Battlebond Mechanics

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