Bungie Announces Destiny 2 Year 2 Livestream

Bungie Announces Destiny 2 Year 2 Livestream

Bungie has just announced they will take part in a livestream on Tuesday June 5th to talk about Destiny 2’s second year ambitions, and how they worked out the first year on the popular game.

The development team behind Destiny 2 is going to sit down and discuss what they had planned for year one, and things they hope to accomplish in year two. According to Bungie’s blog:

“We’d like to invite you to catch a glimpse of what we have planned for the second year of Destiny 2. We have some big ideas for how we’re going to transform your Guardian lifestyle and reinforce your hobby as an interplanetary hero. We’ll tell you all about it, and we’ll do it live!

You’ll hear from many members of our development team, who will set some big goals for September in their own words. We’ll explore deeper into new territory with Game Director Steve Cotton and Project Lead Scott Taylor—two faces that you might recognize from previous reveals. We’ll respond to a bunch of community feedback and unveil some other things you haven’t even been looking forward to… yet. We’ll top it all off with a look at a new Roadmap with exciting new promises for everyone.”

Make sure you tune in on Tuesday June 5th at 9 AM PST, 12 PM EST on Bungie’s Twitch!

Source – Bungie Blog

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