Netflix Welcomes First Comic Series, Magic Order

Netflix is welcoming a new comic book series called The Magic Order, and it will be the first of it’s kind from them!

This series is being created by popular Marvel creators, Mark Miller and Olivier Coipel, where Coipel’s work can be found in Thor and the Amazing Spider-Man. The change occurred when Mark Miller’s Studio, Millaworld was bought by Netflix.

Magic Order follows magicians, and by night these are mild-mannered people. What their friends and family don’t know however is that when the sun goes down they turn into magicians who harnessed the power magic to save the world. The series will feature monsters, with a fresh and new design giving it never-before-seen feel. This comic also has an exciting twist; the magicians must battle to save themselves when the plot darkens and one by one they are killed.

The series will have six issues, with the first issue of this unique series is currently available for pre-order at your local comic book store. Pre-order today, to make sure your copy of Magic World is in your hand as soon as copies are available!

Magic Order will be the first of multiple comics produced by Mark Miller with Netflix. There will also be a collection of shows geared towards children, based off of multiple comics. Miller also plans to produce a live-action show, and film which will be available also on Netflix.

This is the beginning of something great for Millaworld, and its fans, and for Netflix to grow and change with the needs and wants of fans.

You can watch the first comic book trailer for Magic World below:

Source – Coming Soon

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