Minecraft 1.13: New Items and Abilities

Minecraft 1.13: New Items and Abilities

While the 1.13 Minecraft update has a lot to offer in the way of new mobs, the new items and abilities it presents allows for well-rounded game play and fun new adventures!

The 1.13 is known as ‘The Aquatic Update’ and for good reason. Many of its new mobs and abilities revolve around the mass expanse of rivers and ocean biomes that seem to take up the majority of the worlds created. This new update creates a whole new experience for veterans and newcomers alike; from underwater mobility to specialized weapons!

Tridents are probably the more interesting addition in the new update. While these three-pronged staffs can be used as both a melee and ranged weapon they are a bit more difficult to obtain than just simply crafting them. In fact, at present, tridents cannot be obtained by crafting at all. Instead, a player in survival can only get their hands on this shiny new item by defeating the Drowned. Be wary however, this weapon packs a punch whether used against a player or a mob! A Trident’s melee attack can easily take four and a half hearts from a player with no armor, while its ranged damage is only half a heart less. The Trident’s ability does not stop there. The 1.13 update offers four new enchantment options in regard to this diverse weapon; Loyalty, Impaling, Riptide, and Channeling.

While the Loyalty is the most simplistic of the four new enchantments, it is perhaps the most useful. This new ability returns the trident to its owner’s hand when thrown allowing for multiple attacks without interruption.

Impaling is also great choice when it comes enhancements, dealing extra damage on both melee and ranged attacks against aquatic mobs.

This leaves only Riptide and Channeling which are mutually exclusive but equally impressive. When used as a ranged attack, a trident with the Riptide enchantment launches the player in the direction it is thrown giving them a temporary speed boost.

Last but not least, Channeling allows a player to summon a lightning bolt when using the trident, in either a melee or ranged attack, during a thunderstorm. This ability is impressive it has some restrictions including needing exposure to open sky, or biomes that allow for rain or snow (i.e. no hot or dry biomes such as deserts). While, Channeling is most certainly fun to use it may not be considered as practical as Loyalty or Impaling.

The next few items, though not as exciting as a new weapons are quite useful as well.

The Aquatic Update offers some new choices in the topic of decor; including new Prismarine stairs and slabs. While in previous versions of Minecraft, Prismarine blocks could be found in underwater temples, typically swarming with Gaurdians and Elder Gaurdians, or crafted using Prismarine shards. These blocks, while pleasing to the eye, could not be altered from their original form, until now! 1.13 allows the players to craft half-slabs and stairs with these aquatic blocks just as they would any type of wood or cobble stone allowing for a whole new perspective when it comes to building with this turquoise stone.

Prismarine is not the only blocks to get a face lift with the new update. The general logs throughout Minecraftia (including oak, birch, dark oak, spruce, etc.) can be transformed into stripped logs with just the right-click of an axe! This stripped logs act just as regular logs do in furnaces, turning into charcoal or useful as fuel, and crafting, making them just as versatile as their familiar counterpart; the only difference being that they simply look pretty cool.

Another cool item that has been released is Seagrass and Kelp. Seagrass tends to grow at the bottom of the ocean, rivers, and swamps just as regular grass can be grown on land. To harvest this new plant a player simply needs a pair of shears. Though, Sea grass can be used to breed Turtles it has very few other uses aside from decoration and landscaping. Kelp is another story altogether however!

The taller of the two new aquatic plants, Kelp, has quite a few uses. The first and foremost use for Kelp is in smelting. If placed in a furnace, Kelp can be used as fuel or smelted into Dried Kelp. Dried Kelp can be used as food, satisfying one hunger, or placed in a crafting bench and turned into large Dried Kelp blocks. These blocks are not very useful outside of aesthetics and kindling but make an interesting addition to the update none the less.

Seagrass and Kelp are not the only environmental change to this new world! Bubble Columns form when magma blocks are positioned at the bottom of a water source, sending a mountain of bubbles towards the surface. While these fun additions are pleasing to the eye, players should be careful when nearing them considering the columns can easily pull a player into the briny deep! While these columns are dangers they also serve a useful purpose. These small bubbles allow for players to catch their breath while still submerged, without broken game mechanics, no torch or empty bucket needed! The bad news is the update removed instant oxygen regeneration; meaning that a player must be able to breath for a few moments before their oxygen returns to max.

Though we can all agree that these additions are impressive there are a few more that we haven’t quite touched on. Including a new swimming ability that allows the player to sprint underwater. No more bobbing slowly along just to reach the other side of the river! While this may not seem ground breaking, it most certainly cuts back on one of the small annoyances of the game. Find the right server for you to play minecraft on bestservers.com.

Another annoyance that has been done away with is having to dive for a dropped item. The update allows any item dropped in a body of water to float to the surface; once again riding the player of undue hassle and rescuing those items that might have thus been lost to cavernous depths below.

Overall, 1.13 seems to be very promising with new mobs and exciting adventures to be had by all. Though the new update has reached the console versions of the game, there has been no word on a release date for the PC version of the update.

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