Portable Photo Studio Light Box Review

Portable Photo Studio Light Box Review

Femonden has developed a nifty device for taking professional looking photos every time. This portable photo studio light box adds a touch of sophistication to all products being photographed with it.

The photo studio comes with six backdrops in various colors (red, black white, blue, yellow, green), carrying case, two strips of LED lights with two USB plugs, and the photo tent. All fits in the carrying case carefully, as the tent folds up for photos and can be folded down for travel.

The unit itself is assembled with 4 snaps for the top and bottom, and from there you can simply plug in the USB LED lights, and add a backdrop by clipping it into place. Femonden supplied sufficient instructions for the entire process, and described on them through photos how to put it all together.

As someone who personally does a lot of product reviews lately, this device is going to be perfect for getting the professional look I want, without the crazy costs.

Things I personally love about this product is that it comes with many backdrops in multiple colors, the two USB LED strips are very bright, and it’s very quick to assemble or disassemble. The only negative is at first it is VERY difficult to snap together, but after some practice and use it becomes easier!

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