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Titan Comics Dark Souls: The Age of Fire #1 Review

Titan Comics Dark Souls: The Age of Fire #1 Review

Dragon slayers, demons, and dark magic: what else could this describe but the first issue of Dark Souls? Released on May 23, 2018, The Age of Fire is the first of four installments of this ominous, but captivating series.


An expansion of the Dark Souls video game, The Age of Fire starts off with the telling of Arkon, a Silver Knight of Lord Gwyn. He is known as the Dragonslayer, though he doesn’t wear this name proudly. At the battle in the Unformed World between the Lords and dragons, it was Knight Artorias who slayed the dragon. Fear of insulting Lord Gwyn kept Arkon from clarifying the misunderstanding that the death of the dragon had been at his hands.

Moving forward, we find Arkon on a quest to find lost Handmaidens when he is summoned back to the kingdom by Lord Gwyn. We soon learn that there is a far more serious matter at hand, leaving the lost Handmaidens for another time. Arkon is informed of mysterious disappearances in the City of Izalith, suspected to be a result of dark magic.

Though we are left with a good ol’ “to be continued”, we are given plenty to get us hooked into the series. It’s not clear just yet, but there are enough hints that accepting the Dragonslayer title is going to come back and bite Arkon in the ass-if creatures of dark magic and longtime foes don’t get him first.

Artwork & Layout

Drenched with a faded, foggy hue, the images hold the same ominous feeling to match the plot. It works well with the looming sense of doom that seems to follow Arkon. The artwork gives us the sense that there is something just outside of the frame that we can’t see.

Final Thoughts

Is the next issue out yet? No? We have to wait until June 20th? WHY?

Creator Credits

Writer: Ryan O’Sullivan
Artwork: Anton Kokarev
Lettering: Simon Bowland
Editor: Tom Williams
Senior Designer: Andrew Leung

Source – Titan Comics

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