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Dungeons & Art Books?

Dungeons & Art Books?

From Advanced (1st edition) to 5.0, Dungeons & Dragons has been going strong for more than forty years. Veteran players and new comers alike can find something to ‘roll’ about when it comes to the new Dungeons & Dragons’ Art & Arcana: A Visual History coming in October 2018.

Some of the  players in the world of tabletop gaming may be familiar with the impact that Dungeons & Dragons has made over the many years it has been in circulation; inspiring books such as the Dragonlance series and video games like World of Warcraft and Zelda. Dungeons & Dragons is perhaps the most iconic gaming franchise, in existence. So, it’s no wonder that after forty plus years it was decided that the world should have the opportunity to take a look back into the History of the famous RPG (role-playing game).

On October 23, 2018, Ten Speed Press will be releasing Dungeons & Dragons: Art & Arcana, a visual history of the evolution of the game we all know and love. Written by Michael Witwer, Kyle Newman, Jon Peterson, and Sam Witwer the new book contains over 700 pieces of art work, from the earliest books to newest editions, packed in 464 pages. The new art book will not only consist of the vast achieves and illustrations from Wizards of The Coast but include pieces from top collectors,  module sketches, merchandise, exerts from Dragon+ and Dungeon magazines, rare photos, and classic advertisements.

So, whether your interested in the $50 simplistic hard cover, or the $125 special edition, boxed book and ephemera set (containing additional posters and ephemera) the new Dungeons & Dragons Art & Arcana: A Visual History is available for pre-order on Amazon. No matter which book you may choose, the new publication is filled with nostalgia for those who have played the game for years, and interesting tidbits for those who are just joining the party.

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