An Eldritch Card Game by Failbetter Alumni

Weather Factory, a company made by Failbetter Games founder Alexis Kennedy and Lottie Bevan, has released their first game yesterday. That game is Cultist Simulator, a card-based role-playing-game which places you as the creator of a growing cult as you seek to ascend beyond mortal capabilities.

Hailing Cthulhu for Fun and Profit

Cultist Simulator takes place entirely upon a table with cards on it, like a game of Solitaire with the Necronomicon. The game is one of experimentation. Players can move cards on the table to various verbs like ‘dream,’ ‘work,’ and ‘explore.’ The ultimate goal is to find some way to attain one of a variety of end-game desires, like ‘Enlightenment’ or ‘Power.’ However, players also have to deal with more mortal concerns, like having money to sustain yourself and avoiding illness or insanity. There are also those that don’t understand the influences you work with, and seek to have you arrested or worse. There’s also a character progression system revolving around increasing your vitality, reason, and passion

The game quickly shows off the strong writing abilities of the team. Given that Alexis and Lottie worked on games such as Fallen London and Sunless Sea, it’s no surprise that their writing is high-grade. The game has a deceptively deep lore which suggests that grander forces are at play. There’s a whole world of information for those that love to dig into those sorts of things. The game may not be for everyone, though. Failure can be quite common, especially for newcomers. However, what’s interesting is that every death acts as a beginning for the next character. For example, the doctor a player may be next time can discover the previous character’s notes when investigating their death from illness.

Cultist Simulator is currently out on Steam for $19.99. It is currently on sale for 10% off.

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