Free Games with Prime June 2018

Free Games with Prime June 2018

Twitch and Amazon have teamed up together to bring Free Games with Prime for those who use Amazon Prime and link it to their Twitch account. For June 2018 they have some amazing titles including Banner Saga and Tumblestone.


A super gory first-person shooter that changes every single time you play! This game features 30+ weapons and an amazing soundtrack. Jump in, and paint the town red… with the blood of your enemies.

The Banner Saga

A beautifully animated role-playing Viking saga. Your ongoing strategic choices throughout the game will have consequences on your own personal journey, so choose your path carefully!

The Banner Saga 2

With the choices from The Banner Saga impacting your current journey, you will need to make strategic leadership decisions and use all of the resources at your disposal to ensure the survival of your Viking clans.


An action-puzzle games where you can race to destroy your friends in multiplayer or take to story mode and challenge your own wits! Solve increasingly difficult puzzles on your quest to discover what happened to the Tumblecrown.


Launch into the sky and battle three of your friends in this physics based arena fighter where you pilot your own tank! You have a number of creative tricks in your arsenal and you’ll need every one of them to shoot your way to victory.

These games officially launched on May 31st 2018, and will be available through the month of June.

You can get your copies here directly through Twitch!

Source – Twitch Blog

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