Jaime Foxx to Star in New Spawn Film

Jaime Foxx to Star in New Spawn Film

Actor Jaime Foxx is making headlines as Todd McFarlane’s choice to play the lead role in the new Spawn film.  The news was announced in an exclusive article on Deadline earlier this week.  McFarlane will be directing this new adaptation of the film himself.  In addition, he’ll be working as both screenwriter and co-producer in conjunction with Blumhouse Production.

When initially released in 1992, SPAWN the comic book was an immediate hit, selling a never-before-seen 1.7 million  copies.  It’s currently one of the world’s longest-running monthly comics and is sold world-wide.  The comic was adapted for the big screen in 1997, grossing almost $20 million during its opening weekend.  In 2007, the comic was turned into an animated series that aired on HBO.

Having become a pop-culture icon ever since it first hit comic store shelves, this new reboot has fans everywhere drooling in anticipation.

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In an exclusive scoop, Deadline broke the news that Jamie Foxx is set to play the titular character in Todd McFarlane’s forthcoming Blumhouse Productions adaptation of SPAWN. This newest adaptation—a gritty, R-rated reimagining—marks Image President, co-founder and SPAWN creator, Todd McFarlane’s film directorial debut.

McFarlane, an Emmy/Grammy-winning producer/director is also on board as screenwriter and co-producer with Blumhouse. “There are five or six moments where I’m going to need things from my actors, and a couple of them have to come from Jamie, and I’ve seen him deliver them onscreen,” said McFarlane. “He gets into a zone, with body language and a look that basically will say way more than anything I could type on a piece of paper, and this movie is going to need those moments. And in the odd moment where he has to deliver a line that’s short, curt, and has impact, he can do it in a way that makes you go, ‘Whoa, I don’t want to mess with that guy. What a badass.’”

SPAWN sold an unprecedented 1.7 million copies at the time it was released and is one of the world’s best-selling and longest-running monthly comic books, with hundreds of millions sold worldwide in more than 120 countries, and 15 different languages. The comic became an Emmy Award-winning animated series on HBO and a New Line Cinema feature film that grossed more than $100 million. McFarlane went on to direct and produce award-winning and critically acclaimed projects for top movie studios and record labels.

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