Will Lobo Make a Silver Screen Debut?

Will Lobo Make a Silver Screen Debut?

DC Comic book character Lobo may be making his way to the big screen. Warner Bros. and DC Comics may be teaming up with Michael Bay to bring the bounty hunting anti-hero to a theater near you.

A movie about the alien bounty hunter has been in the works for quite a while now, with several rumors circulating about possible directors and actors. Initially, Guy Ritchie was intending to direct a PG-13 adaptation in 2009 but plans for the movie fell through. In 2012, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was considering the role of Lobo but again plans fell through and the actor moved on to other roles.

DC has been on the hunt for someone to direct the film, and may have found the perfect man to do it.  DC’s recent movies have not been as popular as their Marvel counter part and teaming up with Michael Bay may bring the turnaround they are looking for. Utilizing the Transformer series director may bring life and added popularity to the character of Lobo, and give DC comics the edge to compete with Marvel and Marvel’s own much-loved anti-hero: Deadpool.

Lobo’s Background

Lobo is an alien from the planet Czarnia and is considered one of the most fearsome bounty hunters in the known universe. He rides a motorcycle adapted for space travel and captures bounties as he moves through space. Lobo is an aggressive character. It appears that he doesn’t care for anyone or anything except himself and collecting his bounties. Underneath his rough exterior, however, is a heart that eventually leads him to becoming a member of Justice League of America.

Lobo made his first comic book appearance in 1983 in Omega Men #3. For the first few years of Lobo’s comic book life he was portrayed as the villain. The release of his own series in the 90’s, he finally became the anti-hero. Lobo went through numerous back story and appearances changes before he finally became what he is today.

Possessing the strength of Superman and having ability to heal as rapidly as Wolverine makes Lobo a formidable foe.  He has made several appearances in both comic books going up against Superman, Batman and even Green Lantern. Later, he also made TV appearances. He also fought Wolverine in a DC x Marvel crossover, but unfortunately lost when fans voted him the loser.

TV and Video Games

Lobo made is first animated TV appearance in Superman: The Animated Series. He came to Earth attempting to capture Superman as one of his bounties. He also made additional appearances on the TV screen in Young Justice and Justice League Action. Increasing popularity of Lobo’s character led to video games being made for the Super NES and Sega Genesis. He is also a character that fans can play in more recent game like Injustice: Gods Among Us and Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

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