ABC Considering Roseanne Spin-Off After Cancellation

ABC Considering Roseanne Spin-Off After Cancellation

After ABC decided to cancel Roseanne due to Barr’s tweet, the show’s future seemed to be settled, but now ABC may be considering doing a Roseanne spin-off centering around the daughter Darlene and her children.

According to Deadline, Disney-ABC executives are meeting on Monday to discuss the future of the show, and if a spin-off is possible. There will be many legal challenges considering Barr was an executive and co-producer on the show, while Carsey-Werner owns and produced it.

The major consideration behind this Roseanne spin-off is that Sara Gilbert spearheaded the revival by getting the family back together again, and could also be driving to keep the show going focusing on her part of the family. If this is true, she would be working on keeping the same writers and the crew who were all considered fired from the show.

Gilbert’s initial reaction to the Barr situation was:

And drew much backlash from Barr, who felt the cast members were throwing her under the bus.

We’ll keep you informed as new details for Roseanne develop.

Source – Deadline

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