Commander Anthology Volume II Releases June 8th

Commander Anthology Volume II Releases June 8th

Commander Anthology Volume II is the second installment of the Anthology series. Scheduled to release June 8th, 2018 it promises some of the most popular decks throughout Commander history.

Wizards of the Coast is bringing back four very popular commanders for Commander Anthology Volume II. This time around all of the commanders will receive the foil treatment and sport the new legendary creature border that was put on display for the Dominaria set.

The Anthology set will come with all four decks already built and four 100 count life counters plus all the tokens each deck needs. Each deck contains 100 playable cards and has unique cards and strategies for play. This versatility provides a well-rounded toolbox to play against opponents casually and competitively. Gather up your friends and enjoy fun nights of gaming!

Devour for Power

“Devour for Power” was one of the first pre-made decks released by Wizard of the Coast with the Magic: The Gathering Commander (2011 Edition). This deck is led by the commander “The Mimeoplasm”. Opponents will watch in horror as their creatures are devoured from the battlefield and stolen from the graveyard to be played against them.

Built from Scratch

Originally released in the 2014 Commander set, “Built from Scratch” is led by the Planeswalker “Daretti, Scrap Savant”. Utilize powerful artifacts to arm yourself and cast powerful spells and creatures to overwhelm the battlefield. Your opponents will struggle to play catch up as they are destroyed by a swarm of creatures big and small.

Wade into Battle

“Wade into Battle” made its debut with Commander 2015. At the helm is “Kalemne, Disciple of Iroas” supported by a deck filled with giants. Giants and powerful spells will stomp their way onto the battlefield, where creatures and players alike aren’t safe.

Breed Lethality

One of the most popular decks from the 2016 edition of the Commander has “Atraxa, Praetor’s Voice” at the helm. Making use of her ability to proliferate, coupled with spells that increase the power and toughness of creatures on the battlefield creates a highly competitive environment. As opponents scramble to handle creatures that continue to grow, “Breed Lethality” will continue to deal devastating blows.

Make your way to your local game store this weekend to get your hands on Commander Anthology Volume II and Battlebond which also releases June 8th. Gather up your friends and enjoy a weekend of teaming up against each other and playing larger than life decks!

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