Noahmund is Coming to Steam

Noahmund is Coming to Steam

Noahmund, a Japanese Role Playing Game (JRPG) developed by Estudio Abrego, will be making its way to Steam. Expect to see the game release on Steam sometime in the third quarter of 2018. An official date has not been set for the release.

Galina Angstroud is the heroine of this tale, set in the middle of a war-torn Feros. After the enemy country of Salabar unleashed a deadly weapon, Galina realizes she needs to destroy it. Traveling with her guardian companion, Berani Valenti, she must defy the odds and save the people of Feros

The graphics feature amazing 3D characters and hand drawn environments that are a reminder of classic RPG games. An award-winning soundtrack makes the environment perfect for gaming. The creators of Noahmund took inspiration from games like the Final Fantasy series and Chrono Trigger to develop the graphics, game play and combat strategies. plus the many fun games they love to play at dreamjackpot.

Exploring the world of Feros is done by nodes that can surprise the player with combat, dungeons or puzzles. Combat features a Motion Battle Chess system that combines real-time strategies with a tactical grid system. In combat there are several tactics to choose from: a frontal attack, flanking maneuver, a distance strike or setting traps. These choices give the player several strategies to use. These strategies combined with real-time decisions adds tension and excitement to the game.

Upgrade Galina and her other companions abilities to create the perfect war-fighting team. Each character possesses different attributes that help a player in combat and with other game play. Each character has a different skill with three separate skill trees, which allows the player to create the perfect balance of characters for their play style.

About the Creators

Alejandro Dominguez and Alberto Jimenez are the CEO’s of their own indie game developer, Estudio Abrego, located in Spain. Noahmund was the first game created by Estudio Abrego and has been received with open arms. It has been accepted into the Square Enix Collective and won two awards at Malaga’s Gamepolis Festival for “Best Audio” and a Special Jury Prize. The popularity and success of the game continues to increase and the game will soon be releases in the United States on Steam for Windows/Mac and sometime later in 2018 for PS4.


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