Potential Fallout 76 Story Leak [RUMOR]

Potential Fallout 76 Story Leak [RUMOR]

With the new reveal of Fallout 76, it’s no surprise that potential leaks and rumors are bound to happen between now and E3. A recent rumor or leak on Reddit gave out specific information regarding the story of the game, alongside how the game is allegedly support to play.

According to this Reddit rumor, Fallout 76 is expected to have the following details and gameplay:

  • RPG-styled
  • Voiced protagonist (optional)
  • More dialogue options
  • ‘Proper’ skills re back
  • Emphasis on ‘rebuilding’ settlement buildings, where players can team up or do them solo
  • Main quest line in addition to side quests 
  • Happens after the Great War, people and factions are still around including military veterans, police officers, doctors, etc.
  • Main personal story is Vault-Tec focused (example if a major player in the story is an Irish ghoul who also acts as one of the games 5 companions, who designed many of the vaults and was married to Stanislaus Braun’s daughter, and who’s work was stolen by Braun and led to the Vault-Tech experiments. The Irish ghoul calls Vault 76 the only true example of what his work was intended for.)
  • Major antagonist or ally is a former US Army Captain who likens himself to ‘Hannibal of Carthage’ and has giant radiated elephants in his army who he saved from the zoo. His men have no tacky Carthage outfits.
  • More lovecraftian god worshiping
  • No supermutants
  • Harold is in the region/game
  • Precursers to the BOS are somehow in Virginia, even though they came from California
  • Main quest was written by Chris Avellone. Secondary quest was written by Emil Pagilarulo.

This can all be officially found on the Reddit forum or below in the spoiler tab with an image.

Fallout 76 Reddit Rumor

While this is still a rumor from an unidentified source, it does make us wonder if Chris Avellone from Fallout: New Vegas is involved in Fallout 76 in some capacity.

We certainly can’t wait until Bethesda shows off more during E3 on their showcase Sunday June 10th at 9:30 PM EST, 6:30 PM PST. You can watch it directly on Bethesda’s Twitch or their YouTube Channel.

We’ll keep you informed as new Fallout 76 details develop!

Source – Comic Book, Reddit

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