Three New Gears of War Games Being Announced at E3? [Rumor]

Three New Gears of War Games Being Announced at E3? [Rumor]

As one of the largest Microsoft franchises, it is no surprise that rumors of Gears of War 5 have been circulating around the E3 community; but what about a Gears of War themed battle royale or a Halo Wars style strategy spin-off?

Earlier this year Phil Spencer, Executive Vice-President of Gaming at Microsoft, published an article on Xbox Wire stating that there were plans to release new Xbox One exclusive games into Xbox Game Pass during their global release. Spencer went on to say that the release will not only include the titles that have already been announced, such as Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3, and State of Decay 2 but will also feature unannounced games from Microsoft Studios including new iterations of some of their largest franchises, from Halo and Forza to Gears of War.

Many of us have been fans of the franchise since the first Gears of War was release in 2006, which means that we are no strangers to the wait and anticipation that comes with the news of an impending addition to the series. The idea of three additions to the ever-expanding world of Sera still seems a bit far-fetched.

While the rumors of these additions are just speculations, ‘possible leaks’ and observations; the idea is definitely an interesting one. According to Polygon‘s Chris Plante, word is circulating in regard to the subject. Though, Gears of War 5 has practically been confirmed by Spencer, perhaps the other two are not as implausible as many of the fans may think.

The rumored games are not quite what the players may be accustom to. In fact, the speculation is that the games are not the traditional third person shooter we’ve come to know and love. Word is, that one of the games leans more towards a Halo Wars-style real-time strategy spin-off; while the other is a Gears of War themed battle royale.

It might be easier to picture a Gears of War strategy game, considering the war between the humans and their Earth dwelling counterparts, the Locust (and Lambent), has been raging since day one. While the games have been mostly focused on the small group of COG soldier heroes, with the exception of Gears of War 4 (which follows both a few ex-COG soldiers and a few Outsiders), they have been limited to the small accounts of events during and after the war. While a real-time strategy gives the opportunity for a player to learn so much more about Sera, the COG, and the Locust.

Perhaps a battle royale game is a bit much; but it’s not too surprising considering how popular that particular play style has become. That paired with the fact that The Coalition, a Gears of War developer, is no stranger to battle royal type games (assisting in bringing PUBG, Player’s Unknown Battleground, to the Xbox One) makes the idea seem a bit more likely; especially when considering that StoryLab has mentioned that its current project involves working on a “New IP with The Coalition Studios.” This is not to say that a Gears of War battle royale is imminent, or even likely, but it is not impossible.

Whether all three games are announced at E3 2018, or just Gears of War 5, I know that I will be happy with the simple knowledge that the wait for the next installment will soon be over.

Source – Polygon, Xbox Wire, EGM

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