Doctor Who Now Playing on Twitch

Doctor Who Now Playing on Twitch

Attention all Whovians and future Whovians! Unless you live under a rock, you’re certainly aware of the gift that Twitch has bestowed upon the worthy, 500 episodes of classic Doctor Who. BBC, in their marketing genius, decided to bring classic Who to lead up to the arrival of the 13th Doctor, Jodie Whittaker.

This rare event introduces a younger, newer fan base to the origins of Doctor Who. Or possibly this is a clever marketing ploy to drum up and maintain fans’ interest in the incoming Doctor, Jodie Whittaker. Either way, it appears to be a success as I’ve counted myself over 60 million views on Twitch so far.

From his cranky, humble beginnings with William Hartnell to the edgier and frequent schemer Sylvester McCoy, Twitch will be airing episodes from the first 7 Doctors.  For all of us jonesing for our Doctor fix, what better way to learn about his (and now her) past, the heroic tales, the villains, the companions, and yes, the classic monsters.

This exciting event began on May 29th and has been showing episodes 8 hours per day, repeating the schedule an additional two times for those of us who might miss an episode. To see the episode schedule, check out the official listing here.

Source: Twitch blog


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