Secrets Revealed by Leaked Promo Art for Avengers 4

Avengers 4

After the devastating ending in Avengers: Infinity War, the newly leaked promo art could give fans some inside hints to the future release. If you haven’t seen Infinity War, please look away now.

Spoiler 1
The concept art shows what remains of the decimated Avengers team: Iron Man, Hulk, Rocket, Captain America, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, War Machine, Nebula, Thor, Red Witch, and Black Widow with a few differences that dismiss this being old concept art. While there is always a possibility that this is fan art, some of these visible differences lead to a more likely scenario of legit promo art.

The most noticeable difference is in Hulk’s attire.

Avengers 4

Leaked Avengers 4 Promo Art

Spoiler 2
Here he is fully suited giving the idea to his more sophisticated actions as seen in his improved speech from Infinity Wars. Perhaps, Banner and Hulk are morphing into the other as we have seen in the last movie. Banner becomes more of an action hero, while Hulk refuses to come out to fight, almost like he’s afraid. An interesting turn of the tables, to say the least.

It appears that the remaining cast also has new apparel or using updated looks featured in Infinity Wars as well.

Spoiler 3
Thor is still sporting his new short locks, along with his updated outfit. Red Witch, War Machine, and Hawkeye also don new getups, with Hawkeye’s suit previously leaked from an on-set photo. Even Captain Marvel is sporting sideburns, a previously unseen look for him.

The second promo photo leaked is of Thanos. He is shown with the sword which has been featured in previous movie concept art.

Thanos Avengers 4

Thanos concept art

Spoiler 4
Of course, those who read Marvel Comics shouldn’t be too surprised to see his return. I guess he didn’t get to sit and watch the sunrise on a grateful world.

With all of these images, the photos appear pretty legit, or fantastic fan art.

Source: MCU Exchange.

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