Is Diablo 4 in the Works at Blizzard?

Is Diablo 4 in the Works at Blizzard?

Did you know that it’s been six years since Blizzard released Diablo III? Well, it has! In fact, it was released worldwide in May 2012, receiving mostly positive reviews from players and critics. Given its age, though, it might be hard to believe that it still has solid fan base but it does—myself being one of them. If you are, too, I have some exciting news: Diablo 4 appears to be on its way!

Of course, I wouldn’t break into a happy dance just yet, though. There’s a reason I said it only “appears” to be in the works.

You see, Blizzard hasn’t officially announced the game. Instead, they posted a job listing on their website, soliciting for a Dungeon Artist to work on a “new, unannounced Diablo project.”

At first glance, the listing doesn’t explicitly indicate that this is a new Diablo game per se and Blizzard certainly hasn’t said that this was the case. The web is buzzing with the news and most are convinced that Blizzard is moving in the direction of Diablo 4. According to Jason Evangelho at Forbes, for example, the duties described point to this being the case, not the Switch port for Diablo 3 that the company was reported to be developing last March. Others have speculated other spin-offs or real-time strategy games set in the Diablo universe as a possibility.

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