Titan Comics 2021 Lost Children #1 Review

Titan Comics 2021 Lost Children #1 Review

A dystopian future, four children with superpowers, a division between a city and its country, and psychic abilities are at the center of this exciting, fast-paced comic titled 2021 Lost Children, released on May 30, 2018.


Set in the year 2021, we find that the city of Detroit has seceded from the United States. Its leader, a madman with psychic abilities, has the citizens under control through fear and the abuse of his powers. The stakes are high when it comes to gaining back the city of Detroit, but they’re even higher when it comes to defeating Mercy, who has left the city in ruins. Cue the army of soldiers heavily armed with weapons of all kinds, ready for battle, ready to-

Wait. Hold up-what?

Those aren’t soldiers, and they certainly aren’t heavily armed. But guess what?

They are here to kick some ass and take names. These four, young siblings, named One, Two, Three, and Four, have the powers, the drive, and the ability to easily take down Mercy and take Detroit back. They even make a few allies when they come across citizens hiding out. These new friends come to the aid of these unique siblings when they get separated. Even with these distractions, the focus remains on stopping Mercy at all costs –even their lives. Literally. We soon find out that the use of these extraordinary powers come with extraordinary consequences: the children age rapidly with every use of their powers. With Mercy and his men quickly gaining on the children, forcing them to use their powers at every turn, time is running out. Will they be able to stop Mercy, save the citizens of fallen Detroit, and stay alive long enough to see their victory?


Despite a plot set in a dystopian world with child soldiers and a villain with his own army, the colors are vivid and sharp. What makes this artwork and style work so well with the plot is that it still has a dark hue around the edges, so as not to betray the visual most would expect from a fallen city left in ruins. The captivating artwork keeps up with the equally captivating plot.

Final Thoughts

June 27, 2018 is far too long a wait to see what becomes of these intriguing siblings, especially since two of them have aged significantly throughout this first installment.

Creator Credits

Writer: Stephane Betbeder
Artist: Stephane Bervas
Colorist: Massimo Rocca
Editor: Lauren Bowes

Source – Titan Comics

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