Warner Bros. Unintentionally Leaks Hitman 2 Logo


By some mistake, it appears like a Hitman sequel is coming out, as its logo has been leaked online, giving fans something to look forward to in the Agent 47’s story.

Developer IO Interactive has been teasing its anxious fans for a while by softly mentioning that there would be a reveal at some point, letting players know that they should tune in to a Warner Brothers’ livestream today (June 7). Shortly after the site went up, players were greeted with the logo for Hitman 2. Of course, this was a mistake and Warner Brothers removed it shortly after that.

It is safe to say one thing about this new game: it will be marketed under the title of Hitman 2, and it will possibly be officially released later today.

This new game may or may not, be part of the original cannon for Hitman. IO interactive and its parent company, Warner Brothers, will not confirm or deny the affiliation with the original game Hitman which was released on May 11, 2016.

Neither Warner Brothers or IO Interactive are willing to spill the beans to eager fans. All of the excitement and rumors surrounding this new release has prompted the company to tell eager fans that they will, in fact, be making other installments of Hitman and that these games will be enjoyed in the future, to the delight of excited fans.

Source: VG247

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