Avalanche Studios Reveals Generation Zero


Just Cause developer, Avalanche Studios, has announced its very first self-published game titled Generation Zero and you can check out all the details that are known about this below.

In Generation Zero up to three players get to enter this open world that is entirely controlled by machines, in an alternate 1980’s east coast Sweden, a rather interesting setting for such a game, but hinting at Avalanche Studios’ headquarters’ location.

In this game, players will have to scavenge their surroundings in order to survive, as everything they loot will help them accomplish their different missions, as mentioned by game director Emil Kraftling.

Anything can alter how things play out, whether it is the obvious like your weapons or the type of enemies, or the more subtle factors like time of day, environmental opportunities, weather or specific skills.

If there is something I have learnt from 10 years of developing open world sandbox games, it is to let go of the reins and let the player take control. Don’t force solutions or dictate how they should play. Just provide the right toolbox of creative toys to play around with, and they will come up with solutions that you could never have imagined beforehand.

Generation Zero has been created with that in mind and I can’t wait to see how players overcome insurmountable odds by setting advanced ambushes or taking down the toughest enemies through incredible gameplay skills. But I also can’t wait to see groups of friends foregoing the dense atmosphere of the game to just mess about in multiplayer, causing explosive mayhem and physics exploits in the most crazy-looking 80s avatars they can put together.

The creative team who have been working hard on Generation Zero say that the game has a unique feel, mentioning that it is even more unique because of the enemies you have to fight and because of the setting of the game. Players of Generation Zero must use their skills as scavengers to fight these wild robots, as opposed to say zombie shooting games which have become rather common nowadays. The company believes that this uniqueness will help the game succeed, while also keeping in mind that this could be a risk.

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