Hitman 2 Officially Announced; Releasing November

Yesterday, a logo was leaked for a new entry in the Hitman franchise. Now, WB Games and IO Interactive have released an official trailer for Hitman 2.

Hitting men November 13

Just yesterday, there was a leak regarding a logo for Hitman 2. Now however, we have more information on the upcoming sequel.

One of the main features of the game is how it will be released. In Hitman (2016), the stages were released episodically. Hitman 2, however, will release “all at once,” according to IO Interactive CEO Hakan Abrak. There will also be “tons and tons of post-launch content.”

The announcement trailer shows off a couple of the “six new exotic locations” Agent 47 will be visiting, including a rainforest and an international motorsports racetrack in Miami. Those who were invested in the story of the previous Hitman games will be pleased to hear that this game will act as a continuation of the Shadow Client storyline from that game.

One very interesting brand new feature in Hitman 2 will be the standalone mode ‘Sniper Assassin.’ This mode appears to be a two-player co-op where players work together to snipe targets. It also came with an announcement trailer:

Like many big titles, this game is going to cost $60. Pre-ordering the title will give players immediate access to the Sniper Assassin mode. In addition, there are Silver and Gold editions of the game, costing $80 and $100, respectively. In addition to some special in-game gear, the Silver edition promises one expansion and the Gold one two. However, careful observation of the Steam page’s offer shows that the Silver edition mentions “new location” and the Gold one gives “new locations.” This would imply that there are at least two extra maps that will be coming down the pipe post-release.

Hitman 2 can currently be pre-ordered on Steam.

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