Entire New Doctor Who Comes to BBC iPlayer

New Doctor Who TARDIS

As you may know, US fans are being treated to a marathon of 500 classic episodes of our beloved Timelord on Twitch. Fortunately for United Kingdom Whovians, they get their own marathon of Doctor Who. The BBC has decided to air the entire New Doctor Who (NuWho) series, starting with Christopher Eccleston as the ninth Doctor up to Peter Capaldi’s last episode.

All 142 episodes (10 series) were made available June 4th on BBC’s iPlayer, which requires a TV license based in the UK and will be available to stream for 6 months. So, if you want to see how our much-loved timelord became a timelady, you have all the time to catch up on his current exploits as he travels space and time, fighting monsters and saving Earth, his favorite planet. (Not Gallifrey? Hmmm…)

So, get your favorite couch ready to hide behind or that plush blanket to cover your head because the Daleks, Cyberman, Weeping Angels, and the Sontarans are ready to invade your home or your PC.

Source:  BBC

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