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BioWare is Getting Something New: Anthem

BioWare is Getting Something New: Anthem

EA unveiled Anthem during EA’s Play Conference this weekend. The game will promise a new world within the BioWare universe and a variety of other fun and exciting features.

Anthem is an online multiplayer shooter similar to Destiny 2. Mark Darrah and Cathleen Rootsaert, who presented the game, described the game as one that does not divert from the main story of BioWare, but enhances it. Players will all share in the same worlds, experiencing events and night and day all at the same time, but returning to home base will be a single player experience.

They explained that although the goal is to play online multiplayer, there is the option to play the game entirely solo.

Basic Game Play and Story

As a Freelancer the main gold is to fight back against the Dominion. The Dominion is a faction of humans that are after a precious artifact, the Anthem Of Creation, into a weapon. The Anthem of Creation was originally used by an ancient race called The Shapers to create the world in which the game takes place.

The reveal featured a game play demo during the presentation. Four players are shown flying around the world in suits of incredible power. The players fought through called Scars and displayed the immense power and variety of their suits in the process. The ranger suit offers a variety of weapons and explosives, the storm suit caused explosions effective in blowing up the enemy. The colossus suit mowed through a series of traps and was able to absorb the heavy damage they inflicted.

Suits can be changed for each mission, the groups they are playing with, or depending on their mood. The suits are not permanent for the character.

What to Expect

Mark Darrah has been Tweeting information about Anthem and revealed a lot of information specific to game play and questions players had: Anthem will require players to be online to play, even if a player is moving through the story solo. Player vs. Player will not be available when the game launches, although there may be PvP in the future. If you have a friend over and want to split screen, you’ll have to find another game as split-screen co-op will not be available.The game will have dedicated servers though, which will enhance the overall ability to play the game.

EA is no longer pushing the loot box, and Anthem won’t even offer any. Some purchases will be available, but they don’t effect the game play and will mostly be cosmetic. Anthem will also be sans romance. Lead producer Mike Gamble said that the time-honored BioWare tradition of love with blue skinned aliens will not be featured for Anthem.

Anthem will release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on February 22, 2019.

Source – Kotaku

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