Gears Tactics Announced for the PC

The Gears of War franchise is being taken to a whole new platform! Microsoft announced at E3 2018 the new Gears of War turn-based strategy game; Gears Tactics!

Along side of Gears 5 and GearsPop!, Microsoft announce a third addition to the family: Following in the footsteps of its sister strategy game, Halo Wars, Gears Tactics offers an entirely new way to defeat the Locust horde.

While Halo Wars was a success, its sequel, Halo Wars 2, did not have the same reception when it was released last year. So, why is Microsoft producing yet another turn-based strategy game so soon? Perhaps, the new platform has something to do with it? With so many PC strategy games like BattleTech and Total War: Warhammer its possible that Microsoft decided that this particular genre would do better on this platform; and with the franchise already branching out to the mobile devices with GearsPop! it’s not too much of a surprise.

Gears Tactics takes place twelve years prior to Gears of War (1) and allows the players to customize their squads and upgrade their weapons as they face off against enemies throughout the game.

While, Gears Tactics doesn’t seem to have any of the characters we have come to know and love it is sure to be an interesting experience for all it’s players.

Source – Polygon, Geekisphere

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