Halo Infinite is Coming to Xbox One and Windows 10!

Halo Infinite is Coming to Xbox One and Windows 10!

Microsoft announced at E3 (2018) that a new Halo game is coming! Halo Infinite is the next installment in Microsoft’s much beloved game franchise.

Halo Infinite Will Be Coming Soon

During Microsoft’s press release during E3, they announced that Master Chief will be returning in an all new game. 343 Industries headed up the development with the assistance of the new Slipspace Engine. A demo of the engine and game was put on display and will lead the game in a fun, new, and exciting direction!

Studio Head Chris Lee mentioned during the press release that no official date has been scheduled for when the game will hit the shelves. 343 Studios developed new technology for Halo Infinite and additional time and effort needs to be dedicated to create the perfect game experience for players. Although avid players are now anxiously waiting for the release date to be revealed additional work has to be accomplished to reach the full potential of the game

Join Master Chief as he continues his story from the end of Halo V. Halo Infinite with be coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 sometime soon!

Source – ComingSoon

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