PlayStation Announces Release Date for Days Gone

Days Gone - Playstation

PlayStation has finally given players what they’ve been asking for! Earlier this week, they announced the official release date for the long-awaited Days Gone, confirming that it’ll be coming to PS4 on February 22, 2019!

Days Gone is a survival game set in the Pacific Northwest two years after a global pandemic destroys civilization.  Players can look forward to leading their character, Deacon St. John, through lush and varied environments as he faces off against drifters, animals, marauders, and Freakers (infected humans).

In addition to the release date, Playstation also announced a new Days Gone trailer as well, which you can watch below.  If you happened to catch the original announcement video back in 2016, you’ll notice a few additions to the gameplay in this one, including more animal adversaries and a new human faction named R.I.P.

Take a look at the trailer below for a taste of what’s coming!

Source – PlayStation

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