Watch: Crackdown 3 Official E3 Trailer

While Microsoft has already announced Crackdown 3 is delayed until 2019, they have still shown a new Crackdown 3 trailer during their E3 conference. If you aren’t already excited enough, note that Terry Crews contributed with vocal talents.

Although we have to wait for Crackdown 3, the game has already shown explosions, weaponry, vehicle transformations, and agility from the main character (Terry Crews).

Microsoft elected to leave out any mention of multiplayer or other destructive abilities that were seen in the previous Crackdown games.

Keep in mind that Microsoft announced Crackdown 3 back during E3 2014, so fans have certainly been waiting a long time for this new game, and it just seems Microsoft has more going on than they had planned at the time.

Either way, as of right now Crackdown 3 will be available on February 22nd 2019 on Xbox One and PC.

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