Bethesda Announces Newest Title – Starfield

It’s been 25 years since Bethesda released new intellectual property (IP).  At E3, they announced and pretty much confirmed the long-time rumors of their latest game, Starfield.

The short teaser trailer left us with many questions and a few slick graphics. The planet horizon as a sun rises only to zoom out revealing a space station. Could this be an Elder Scrolls meets The Expanse? The rich graphics from the trailer certainly hints of that quality, but as we know, Bethesda is the master in mind-blowing yet beautifully detailed games.

What we do know about Starfield is that it is at least in a playable state but not due out until sometime in 2019. It is also supposed to be for single player, like many of their games. This is hopeful news as previous titles are fairly intuitive and have similar style of controls.

But enough gossip and rumor mills.

We’ll keep you informed of any new E3 news as it develops.

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