Bethesda Pokes Fun at Skyrim on Alexa

Bethesda is very self-aware of their Skyrim ports to numerous consoles and devices, and recently poked fun at themselves during their E3 conference last night. Take a look at the Skyrim: Very Special Edition.

This skit that ran with Keegan Michael-Key, shows him as a gamer playing Skyrim using his Amazon Alexa, an Etch a Sketch, Motorola Pagers, and a Samsung Smart Refrigerator. Specifically with the Amazon Alexa, he’s voicing commands as the Alexa describes the scenario back at him, like a traditional tabletop RPG.

While this looks like an adorable spoof, according to VG24/7, you can actually ask your Amazon Alexa or Amazon Dot about the Skyrim skill and get an answer back.

Although fans are riddled with laughter through this skit, Bethesda did announce Elder Scrolls Online DLC Wolfhunter and Murkmire, alongside the official reveal for Elder Scrolls VI.

We’ll keep you informed of all new Elder Scrolls and Skyrim news throughout E3.

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