DOOM Eternal Announced

Hey 90’s kids! We have some amazing news for you all as Bethesda has announced that DOOM is back in the canon storyline, this time with DOOM Eternal.

Bethesda game developers made the reveal for DOOM Eternal at their E3 Conference, and you can check out the teaser trailer used in order to announce the game below.

This popular demon fighting game from the 90’s got its reboot back in 2016, and this trailer seems to follow the story we followed in it. Good news is that this new DOOM cannon has something for everyone as it gives excited new players as well as diehard fans from back in the day some new adventures and a lot of demon-killing action.

Players of this game will find themselves in a post-apocalyptic universe but that’s just the beginning of the creepiness, as this place is filled with ghoulish creatures and demons of all kinds, sizes and each more dangerous than the previous one.

This was just a teaser trailer to let us know the game is coming; however, a full reveal for this game is expected to happen this August, at QuakeCon.

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